The best part of the day…

For me, the loveliest time on Ramsey Island is first thing in the morning when we’re getting ready to go about our tasks for the day.

After a very comfy night’s sleep under a warm duvet (and no need for a hot water bottle last night), with the occasional sound of the manx shearwaters giggling and gurgling past, it’s often with some reluctance that I stick a foot out to test the room temperature.  This morning it was quite warm; well I could only just see my breath.  My initial morning doziness was washed away by standing in the nice new and warm shower installed by Greg and Lisa (the wardens) over the winter.  I made my lunch (always adventurous cheese and pickle wraps!) and then sat down to blog with a mug of fruit tea (not quite sure about this one).

The volunteers and the seasonal assistant warden share the bungalow towards the north of the island (Greg and Lisa have the farmhouse towards the south) and my favourite early morning pastime is to sit on the door step in the sun, watching Ramsey Sound and the mainland behind.  Today is not really one of those days, with a brisk wind cutting across the front of the building but I still had to go out and see the view in the watery sunshine.

Now for my first full day back on the island…


Back on the right side of Ramsey Sound

After a long week at work and a slow journey south down from Cheshire to Pembrokeshire, I finally landed on Ramsey Island (28 hours late – yes I was counting!).

My slight worry that the weather wouldn’t hold long enough to get across was unfounded and it actually turned out to be a lovely, bright and warm(ish) day.  Each time I have arrived at Ramsey (four times now), the weather has been stunning – usually meaning I get sunburnt but no problems today.

The photo below is my second favourite view, only spoilt by the fact it’s on the wrong side of the water.  This is the view of Ramsey Island from St. David’s Lifeboat Station at St Justinian, from where the boat to the island sails.


With a large rucksack, a big box full of two week’s worth of food, a camera bag and a day sack, the steps down to the quayside burn a few calories but it’s easier than the return leg.

Arriving at 4 o’clock rather than the usual 12 o’clock meant that I didn’t have time to wander around the island today but I’ve got two whole weeks to do that.

This is the view from my bedroom window for the next fortnight and it’s not a bad sight to wake up to each morning. From this window I can see the stone walls and fields of the island in front of Ramsey Sound, with the backdrop of the mainland and St. David’s in the distance.

ImageThe weather’s not looking great for the next few days but that’s all part of the Ramsey magic!



Well, tomorrow I’m off to spend another two weeks on the fabulous Ramsey Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire, near St. David’s.  This is all weather-permitting of course – the boats to Ramsey from St. David’s Lifeboat Station at St. Justinian can be halted by strong winds and a rough sea – so here’s hoping the weather will hold!


The Island is owned and managed for wildlife by the RSPB and I will be one of up to three volunteers helping (or possibly hindering) the work of the wardens.

I’m hoping to blog each day while I’m there, even if it’s only a photo or two – I’ll see how long this idea lasts!

In the meantime, here’s a link to the Ramsey Island page on the RSPB website.