Daft Mumblings?

In 2011, I started a year long career break which helped me to hit the ‘reset button’ on my life outside of work.  Before my break, I had some interests but really failed to make the most of my time during evenings, weekends and holidays.  My break changed all this and I returned to my career determined not only to continue working hard but just as importantly make the most of time when not in the office.

Before 2011, I certainly didn’t have enough to say to warrant starting a blog but now I think I do.  My blog is primarily focussed on my love of nature and concern for the natural (and sometimes built) environment and how I experience them; through conservation volunteering, photography, walking, cycling and even just looking out of the train window on the way to work.  Sometimes, my posts stray a little way from the blog’s main theme (I do like a nice building) but it’s good to change focus from time to time.

Oh, and Daft Mumblings of a Concerned Amateur? Well, I see daftness as a great form of humour (there should be more daftness in the world) and I generally mumble a lot, particularly to myself.  Whilst at work I’m a ‘professional’, in my spare time activities I’m most definitely an amateur.  A concerned one, though, as many of the issues I feel strongly about, environmental issues in particular, I am growing increasingly worried about.

Overall, this is may place for daft mumblings, nonsense and generally bleating on about things.

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3 thoughts on “Daft Mumblings?

  1. Hi Peter!

    My name is Isla and I’m working on Blue Planet 3 – the next instalment of the BBC’s critically-acclaimed underwater nature series.

    I really enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing your images from your Falkland Island adventures. I would love to ask you some more questions about what animal behaviours you saw.

    Please email me back if possible!

    Best wishes.

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