Winter Beer Festival – Derby

Went to the Winter Beer Festival at Derby’s Roundhouse yesterday.  The festival had a lot going for it…

Great Venue…

Roundhouse, Derby

A cheese stall…


A Piper’s Crisps stall (the best crisps you can buy…in my humble opinion!)…

 Piper's Crisps

Friendly (if a little scary) staff!

 Friendly Staff

The Festival had the usual broad cross-section of society attending from old-style bushy beard real ale-lovers, through students and couples, to a fairy or two.

However, I wasn’t impressed by the number of beers they had run out of (I went to the afternoon session – the evening session might have been good for teetotalers) and the beer keeping could had been improved – many were flat.

Winter Ale Festival 2014 – I think it could be a case of nice try, try harder next time.

PS Derby has a very nice new railway station – Crewe has more work to do!

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