A bit of light fencing and cairn building

With a strong southerly wind, there were no boats carrying visitors to the island today, so we spent the day doing a range of tasks around the island. While my two fellow volunteers, Steve and Nicola, each did a chough survey in the morning, I helped Amy, the seasonal assistant warden, with a bit of fencing work.

A new stretch of top wire needed putting on a short section of fence just north of the farm buildings – it didn’t take long (after untangling the wire a couple of times).


I then had to go across the island to put a ‘No Entry’ sign at the top of the cliff at Porth Lleuog. Some visitors has strayed down onto the beach yesterday and scared off the hauled out grey seals.


A few years ago, on one of his now many volunteering visits, Steve built a number of cairns on the path around the south of the island.  The cloud and sea fog can roll quickly onto the island and the cairns help to mark out the path for visitors who might otherwise wonder off the route.  In the afternoon, Steve and I went rebuild a number of the cairns that have been knocked over by the island’s ponies and overgrown by heather.  We spent a bit of time repairing and rebuilding a few of the smaller cairns but then put the effort into constructing a new corner cairn at Mynachdy – we were pretty proud of our efforts!


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