The Wilder Side of Ramsey Island

A gale hit the island today, so again there were no boats bringing visitors.  Nicola, one of my fellow volunteers, was meant to leave today (Saturday) but it could be Monday or even Tuesday until she gets the chance to get across to the ‘wrong side’ of Ramsey Sound.

We spent part of the morning finishing off putting the shop back together after redecorating it over the past couple of days; we were then given the rest of the day off – always a bonus!

I went for a run around the island; from the Bungalow, up Carn Llundain (the highest point), then down to the far south and then back up past the farmhouse and through the sheep fields.  There might be something slightly mad about running around an island in gale-force winds and rain but it was the most spectacular run I’ve ever done – it certainly beats pounding the streets at home.  The wind was so strong on the outward leg that it almost stopped me in my tracks and the force took my breath away (not helpful when running up a steep hill!).  However, just under 35 minutes to run around most of the island seems like a reasonable benchmark, which I’ll have to try beating over the course of the next week.


After lunch, trying to warm up after sitting in the cold Bungalow for a couple of hours, I went for a walk to the north of the island and took some shots of the rough seas.  I also found another very obliging stonechat (a male this time) and took some of my ‘usual’ shots that I always take when I’m here…

My favourite view from the Bungalow…


The male stonechat…


Red deer stags amongst the bluebells outside my bedroom window…


There are 13 red deer on the island, left over from when Ramsey was a deer farm.  The herd includes three stags, seven hinds and three young from last year (also hinds).  The three stags seem to like mooching around the Bungalow at the moment, while the hinds are mostly down towards the south.  I’m not quite sure about the temperaments of the deer and give them a wide berth although they seem quite docile at the moment and tend to wander off if I get close.

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