For the first time in eight days, Ramsey Island had more than six people on its shores. Ever since my arrival, last Sunday, the winds have been too strong for the Gower Ranger to sail from St. Justinian on the mainland to Ramsey harbour.  Over the course of my four stays on Ramsey, that was by far the longest the island has been without visitors and I almost forgot that looking after them is the main part of the volunteers’ job.


The boat brought two loads of visitors across today, with six on the 10:00 sailing and four on the 12:00, and they were in for a real treat.  Ramsey was at its best, with a warm sun, brilliant blue skies and a (comparatively) light wind.  I’m writing this with a slight glow about me – generated either by the Sun or the wine I’ve just been drinking (but probably both).

The volunteers again spent the day doing different tasks, in addition to helping with the boat arrivals and departures, and serving in the island’s shop.  I did a chough watch in the morning, observing the comings and goings around a nest site, and in the afternoon I did a wheatear survey, walking around the eastern part of the island noting the wheatears spotted and their behaviour.

While my favourite time of day on Ramsey is first thing in the morning, I also love the hour or so just before the visitors leave, when they are all waiting around the farmhouse for the boat to take them off at 16:00.  This is often a time to have a good chat to them and talk about what they have seen and what a great place Ramsey is – especially as a volunteer!


The Bungalow is warm tonight, probably the warmest it’s been since I arrived, helped by the sun and the wood burning stove in the main room (and maybe a wee dram or two)


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