Icelandic Little People

After having a blank page on my blog site for a while, titled ‘Little People’, I’ve finally got around to posting something on this subject!

I have thought for some time that little people might actually exist. When I say little people, I don’t mean short homo sapiens; I think there might be a completely different species of little people.

I’m trying to gather some evidence and I’m sure there’s plenty out there, but the first I’ve found is taken from the BBC News Website (Link to BBC News) which has published a story about changes made to an Icelandic road scheme due to the presence of elves.

I work in transport planning and until now we have produced Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) as part of proposals for major schemes.  I now think we may have to do a new form of EIA – yes, that’s right, an Elf Impact Assessment or perhaps a LPIA to allow for other types of Little People.



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