Mammal Tracker

Last weekend I came across the Mammal Society’s Mammal Tracker app for smart phones.

I’ve been using the British Trust for Ornithology’s BirdTrack app for quite a while now and have submitted dozens of records but I’ve been wanting a mammal equivalent to use alongside it. To be honest, I have more interest in mammals than birds but they are much more difficult to see.

The Mammal Tracker app couldn’t be simpler to use and like BirdTrack, the information collected through Mammal Tracker will feed directly into conservation efforts. In fact, the information will help to produce the first UK mammal atlas for 20 years.

I’ve just checked the website and my records have already appeared on the national map; it is great to see the immediate contribution I have made.

If you have any interest in conservation and wildlife (and a smart phone) you should get this app.  Actually, you don’t need a phone at all as you can submit records via the Mammal Tracker website – see the link below:

Mammal Society Mammal Tracker website

Well, I’m off to Sweden tomorrow but I think the Mammal Society might be a bit suspicious if I start submitting records for moose, bears and wolves!

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