A return to the butterflies of Tegg’s Nose

After going to a wet and windy guided butterfly walk around Tegg’s Nose Country Park a few weeks ago, I returned last weekend to see if I could better views.


It was certainly much better weather with the sun out and warmth in the air, although the wind was quite strong.  Butterflies and moths were very much more in evidence with many flitting around across grass and heathland.  Trying to identify them at distance was quite difficult (especially for a beginner like me!) but I did manage to get good shot of the following:

Meadow Brown


Common Blue




Also around the park, the bilberries were ripe and ready for picking, with a few visitors taking a good harvest.

The guided walk certainly increased my interest in butterflies but I might not get many more opportunities this year, particularly as the weather has taken a very autumnal turn.

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