Manchester Buildings?

Buildings aren’t my usual blogging subjects but I’ve posted a few images of Manchester city centre over the past few weeks. Yes, I’ve had a slight obsession with the Town Hall at times, especially when it is lit up or when the Chinese New Year decorations were up, but I normally focus on more wildlifey-type things.

I’ve got a bit of an interest in architecture and I even had some training in architectural appreciation as part of my degree (some time ago, I admit), and I think I have an eye for a nice building (and the not so nice!).

But why am I posting? Well, just like most people, I tend to rush from place to place on my daily commute, either thinking about the day ahead or just wanting to get home as soon as possible.  In doing so, I’ve missed a lot – it took me ages to realise that much of Manchester city centre is laid out in a grid pattern with small, four or five storey cubes of buildings making up the blocks.  So I’ve been taking more interest in my surroundings of late, as I walk the 15 minutes or so each way between the station and my office, and I’m going to post images of anything I notice.

Manchester, despite its often cold, rainy northernness, is actually a very nice city, and one I’ve come to appreciate a great deal – other UK cities could learn a lot from it.

This is Piccadilly Station this morning…


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