White-winged Black Tern

Last week while working in Lincolnshire I stayed overnight near Boston.  With a spare evening, I decided to take a look around RSPB Frampton Marsh, which is just south of the town.

While there I saw a nice range of wildlife including some I don’t see very often including spoonbills, avocets and little egrets. However, there was one bird that really caught my eye.  I’m not a twitcher, or even a birder, more a general nature enthusiast, but I have to say I was quite excited to see a rarity while wandering around the nature reserve.

A white-winged black tern was flying back and forth over the wetlands enabling those there to get a good view of it. According to the Collins Bird Guide, there are around 40 records of these lovely birds in the UK each year, so I was pretty lucky to see it and even get (a pretty rubbish) photo of it.  It’s a stunning looking bird in its summer plumage with its black body, and white and grey wings.


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