Isle of Skye – Uniquely Skye

With very strong winds today and with my walking boots still soaking wet, I decided against another coastal walk and headed north to retrace some of my steps (or tyre marks) from Sunday and visited some of the places I’d missed in the Trotternish area.

There were three places that stood out:

I spent a while at Faerie Glen, near Uig – it’s a very strange area of odd geological formations all coated in a blanket of rich green grass with clumps of woodland – there were even some bright red toadstools at the base of one of the hills – possibly nibbled on by fairies.


IMG_7404 IMG_7407 IMG_7426

I visited Macurdie’s Exhibition, near Bornesketaig.  It’s hard to describe exactly what it is and it’s best left for people to find out for themselves.  All I’ll say is that it’s probably a work of both insanity and comedy genius and well worth a visit!



IMG_7434 IMG_7435IMG_7441My final stop of the day was the Old Man of Storr, another incredible geological formation that stands out in the landscape and can be seen for miles around.  It’s a steep, breathtaking (literally), walk from the car park in quiet weather but with strong winds added, it was quite a challenge on the lower slopes of the hill.  However, I managed to jog up the final sections once the felled forest area had been left behind.  I also ran and bounced much of the way down but had to put a brake on my fun when the strong winds picked up again.


All three of these places are unique and together help to give Skye a character all of its own.

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