Washed-up Starfish

A couple of weeks ago I had a weekend away in Lincolnshire and on one of the days I went for a walk at Gibraltar Point, one of the local Wildlife Trust reserves.  While I was there, walking along the beach, I came across hundreds, perhaps thousands, of washed-up starfish.  It was a sad sight on what was otherwise a beautiful walk along the sands.  It was a typical autumnal day with a keen wind and dark clouds threatening to deliver their load at any moment, the rain held off for a while but eventually soaked me.  Despite getting very wet, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


When I got home at the end of the weekend, I looked up what could have caused the mass washing-up of the starfish and came across a newspaper article from nearly three years ago – another similar incident not far north up the coast.  I was worried that this might have been caused by man but it appears it was probably just the result of bad weather.

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