A secret valley

After working from home today I took the opportunity on a bright (but slightly breezy) spring day to go for an early evening cycle. With the wind coming from the east, I went out in a less frequently headed direction and up into the small hills across the Staffordshire border. The area isn’t far from home but I’ve not really explored it much before and when I came to a junction I decided to make a new turn and go down a road I’ve not passed along before…it led me to a stunning little valley.

With the sun out and the grass turning a spring rich green, all under a bright blue sky, the valley seemed to be approaching its prime. All it needed was for the trees to be bursting into leaf. As I came to the end of the valley bottom road, I stumbled across a little piece of woodland with a rich carpet of wood anemones forming a green, white and yellow carpet beneath – lovely.

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