Christmas Dram

My festive spirit this year is the fabulous Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition. It’s matured in Pedro Ximenez (PX) casks but still has the great smokey flavours of the classic Lagavulin. It’s a bit like the Bruichladdich PX I had last Christmas but much better (in my humble opinion!).


Jura Turas Mara

I was brought back one of these the other day…


I bought a bottle last Summer and have been longing for another ever since.  Unfortunately it’s an airport duty free only bottle, so I  don’t often have the chance to get hold of one – they wouldn’t even sell me one at the distillery when I popped in a few months ago!

Jim Murray gives it a 82.5 in his Whisky Bible, which I think is a bit on the low side.  It’s finished in a mix of bourbon barrels, Bordeaux wine and ruby port casks, and these certainly give is a richness not found in many whiskies I’ve tried, although Mr Murray thinks it’s too oily and he might be right.

Still, I really like this one!

Old Pulteney 17

Well, after running out of my Old Pulteney 12, I thought I’d try something a little older.


The 12 has to be in the top three of my collection and that got an 85/100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.  The 17 has got a brilliant 95/100 – I’ll report back!