A warbler hour

With a spare couple of hours, I popped out to a good birdwatching spot not far away РSandwich Flashes Рand it was certainly worth it.  The arrival of summer migrants is in full swing and warblers in particular were of note as I went between several of the pools and lakes.

There were the usual warblers I see (or more normally just hear) including chiff chaff, willow warbler, blackcap and sedge warbler but also a couple of more notable ones. ¬†Below is a shot I took of a Cetti’s warbler. Its loud and distinctive call immediately caught my attention as I stepped out of my car and it flew right in front of me, giving just enough time to get my camera ready and fire off a few shots.


Even more special though was my first ever sighting of a wood warbler but unfortunately I just couldn’t get my camera trained on it for even a record shot.