The Yellow Land of Yellowbellies

Yesterday, I had a work trip to Lincolnshire – not an infrequent event – but the home of the yellowbellies was even more yellow than usual with numerous large fields of oil seed rape spread across the wide flat lands.  The bright luminous yellow fields were a contrast against the deep blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds and the sun brought out a blinding intensity to the colours.  it’s a pity I had to go to a meeting; I would have much preferred to have spent the day driving around the county taking photos.


The reason why people from Lincolnshire are called yellowbellies is debated and Wikipedia gives numerous explanations – it could be an insult but as I’m a quarter yellowbelly myself, I think I should be allowed to get away with it.  In fact, there are plenty of people driving around the county with bumper stickers claiming to be proud yellowbellies; when their county looks this stunning, there’s a very good reason to be!

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