Sun, Rain, Sun…but always wind!

Today started with a stunning early morning bit of sunshine and with that kind of weather over this landscape, the the Bungalow’s washing line must be one of the most picturesque.


I spent the morning doing a breeding bird survey around the northern half of the island, walking and making notes of the birds and their behaviour for a couple of hours in the stunning sunshine – following on from a lovely early morning sat on the doorstep of the Bungalow, this was a pretty perfect morning.

After lunch, Steve and I went across to the west of the island to finish off tending to the cairns, this time up on Carn Llundain – the tallest of Ramsey’s three hills.  As we made our way up the hill, the weather closed in and the rain lashed in from the sea, forced towards us by a strengthening wind.  Unlike many of the cairns yesterday, most up on the hill were in quite a good state of repair.  After we finished, I went to the top of the hill to look across the Island – with the cloud having rolled in, the mainland was largely obscured.


On the way home to the Bungalow, the weather changed again turning the scene back to stunning sunshine.  I took the opportunity to take a shot of my favourite view from Ramsey – looking from the Bungalow, across the northern fields and Ramsey Sound, towards Whitesands Bay and Carn Llidi (the hill in the background).


There’s rarely a day without wind on Ramsey, which means the weather can change by the hour, turning from sun, to rain and back to sun again – the weather is certainly never dull on the island!

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