Volunteers’ Day Off

Volunteers on Ramsey Island have one day off a week, and today was it. I think we were all glad of it too, after having the Wardens up to the Bungalow for Dinner last night – I was certainly a little fuzzy this morning.

Unexpectedly the weather was great again although the wind was still too strong for the boats to bring visitors across and it may stay like this for the rest of the week.

I spent the middle of the day doing an hour long chough watch at the south of the island (watching for activity around a chough nest site) and then took some photos of the flowers – the example below being the best of them (I think I need to put a bit more effort in!)


This is the first time I’ve been on Ramsey when the Spring flowers have been coming out.  Whilst I was on the island for the same two weeks last year, the late Spring of 2013 meant that most of the flowers hadn’t appeared by the time I left.  Hopefully, they will all be in full bloom before I leave.

Some of the birds on the island are very obliging when it comes to taking their photos with the female stonechat below proving the point.


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