Paintbrushes, axes and shovels

With the weather still not up to allowing the boat to run, bringing visitors to Ramsey Island, we started on redecorating the island’s shop. We began by clearing all the contents out into the storeroom next door but took a photo first to ensure we put everything back in the same place.


We completed one coat and it needs another but with the cool and damp conditions on the island, the first coat will take a night to dry.

In the afternoon, we did a range of tasks and I chopped four crates of wood for the Bungalow’s fire (managing not to crush the tendons in my hand like I have previously – not on Ramsey) and then Steve and I repaired the dam in the small pond above the farmhouse – I know those years of practice in my childhood would come in handy one day!


As it does frequently, the weather changed from cloudy and wet to sunny and dry in the afternoon but the wind is still brisk and it looks like we won’t get boats again for a few days yet.

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