Cycle helmets: making your kids wear one…

…but not wearing one yourself?

I don’t really want to engage in the whole debate about making wearing a cycle helmet a legal requirement – I have my views and I’ll stick to them. However, as someone who always wears one, I find it hard to understand it when I see a parent out cycling with their child, with the child wearing one but not the parent.

What kind of message is that giving to the child? ‘Its okay, when you grow up, you won’t need to wear one either!’ Whilst these children are clearly precious to their parents (they are making them wear a helmet afterall), it doesn’t exactly do the children much good to have a parent in hospital with severe head injures, or worse, does it?  Furthermore, when does a child stop being precious to their parents?  By not wearing a helmet, the parents are indirectly encouraging their children not to wear a helmet later in life, increasing the potential that they could come to harm if they have an accident.

That is all.

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