Tawny Owl

I went for a walk around Wybunbury Moss this afternoon (it’s getting to be a regular thing when I have a spare hour or so!) and as I was wandering through the woodland, this flew directly over my head and landed in a tall tree in front of me.  It was huge for a tawny owl and it sat in the tree totally unfazed as I walked around the base trying to find the best location for a shot. I’ve never seen one during the daytime before, let alone had such a great view for such a long time – I must have spent about ten minutes trying to find the best spot.


2 thoughts on “Tawny Owl

  1. Have you tried mimicking their hoot and squawk when you hear them nearby? It works a treat. They will fly towards you and sit in a tree nearby to get a good look at you. We are lucky to have them nest in the box every year so have the family around pretty much all the time meaning we get some great views. The juveniles are often found snoozing in a low branch in summer. I have a couple of picks on this post you may like 🙂
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

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