Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2015

Last weekend I went to the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival at the Velodrome.  A winter visit to a beer festival is starting to become a bit of a tradition and spending a day in the warm, drinking good beer with a group of mates makes a change to getting wet and cold outside doing conservation-type things!Manchester VelodromeI particularly like beer festivals in great venues and they don’t come much more spectacular than the Velodrome – especially with practice sessions going on most of the day.  Some of the bars we around the outside of the track but the main event was in the middle – reached by a tunnel under the boards.

I went on the last day of the festival but unlike last year in Derby, there were still plenty of beers left.  I was particularly excited to try my first draught pint of the Purple Moose Brewery’s Dark Side of the Moose.  After having had many a bottle of this fabulous beer (after getting some freebies via volunteering at the Glaslyn Osprey Project – it’s made locally in Porthmadog), I’ve had to wait ages to have my first proper pint of it; I wasn’t disappointed!Dark Side by the tracksideHowever, I was disappointed by the lack of cheese – at the event in Derby last year, I bought a big cheese platter (and had it all to myself!) but this time there was only a pretty poor looking ploughman’s stall.Now I need to find another festival to go to at another great venue.

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