A late return to Ramsey

Anyone who read some of my posts from May last year will know that I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Ramsey Island – the RSPB’s reserve off the coast of Pembrokeshire, near St. Davids.  I first volunteered on the Island in April 2012 and have returned each year since. After cancelling my booking for May this year but fortunately being able to rebook for June, I finally arrived this afternoon.

Not only was my trip delayed from May, it was also delayed from yesterday.  After having a busy week, I didn’t quite have time to pack and with a bit of work to finish off, I put off my return for an extra day. Even if I had managed to get myself sorted for yesterday, I wouldn’t have been able to get to the island as the wind was too strong for the Gower Ranger to transport me (and other day visitors) across.

Today, however, the weather was perfect (as it always seems to be on the days I land on the island).  I’m here for two whole weeks (minus the missed day) and will blog each day, all being well.

The first thing I noticed while waiting on the ‘wrong’ side of Ramsey Sound was the pink tinge to parts of the island.  At first I thought it might be heather but it’s too early in the year for the usual heathland display and the colour was in the wrong part of the island.  It was only when I landed that the cause of the scene was revealed – swathes of foxgloves.

IMG_1524 IMG_1563


It’s amazing how small the world is, especially for people with an interest in wildlife. Today I got talking to a couple I met on a ferry to Islay 18 months ago and who I kept bumping into during the week I was there.

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