Up and running with Ramsey photos!

I’ve been on Ramsey for less than 12 hours but already I’ve taken some photos I’m quite pleased with.  I’ve neglected my photography over recent months and I seem only to take an interest when I’m on holiday but I need to make more effort!

Having the time to spend a while just wandering around searching for a view that looks good really makes a difference but I seem to lack the enthusiasm and energy to do it in day-to-day life. However, I’ve made full use of this evening. After a fruitless hour spent looking for puffins off the shoreline of Aber Mawr (the large bay just next to The Bungalow, where the volunteers stay), I wandered around the north west coast of the island as the sun slowly set.  The light gave a richness to the scene, the ‘Golden Hour’ living up to its reputation, and this is one of the results – vibrant Thrift with Carn Llidi in the background (Carn Llidi has to be in at least 50% of all photos taken on the island – it’s the law!).


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