Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2016

After having a good time last year, I had to go to this beer festival again.  This year, it was at Manchester Central (formerly GMEX) and while not as spectacular as last years’ venue (the velodrome) it provided a larger space for this huge event.


Again, I visited on the last day of the festival but this year I was disappointed that some of the beers and breweries I wanted to sample had already gone – no Purple Moose, no Isle of Skye and only one Adnam’s.  The food was quite poor too, compared to last year, with the venue providing the pretty average nosh – what’s more there was no cheese, again!


Well, apart from a few supply and food grumbles, an afternoon spent sampling different beers is never one wasted – and I even won a prize on a pub game (first time for everything).

Will definitely be back again next year.

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