You don’t get many evenings like this on Ramsey Island!

After a busy day today (more on that later) and a lovely final hour of sunshine, I returned to the Bungalow and sat on the doorstep with a glass of Coal Ila just as the last of the light was fading.  For the first time ever, I experienced the island with absolutely no wind whatsoever, I even had to strain my senses just to feel the slightest movement of air.

There was also almost silence with virtually no unnatural sounds at all.  The only man-made background noise was from one of the two large ships laying at anchor in St. Bride’s Bay; a generator onboard giving a backing to the lights shining out from the distance.

Closer by were only natural sounds with a meadow pipit still climbing into the air and chirping its way back down again and the occasional linnet flitting past. There was also the occasional cry of a gull but everything else was quiet.  Eventually, the peace was broken by the cat-like calls of a little owl out on the drystone walls.

It is a rare thing to see reflections in the water around Ramsey Island but Carn Llidi could quite easily be seen in the water beneath and the ships’ lights were shining both from their superstructures and back up from the bay beneath.


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